Just How Sweet You Want Your Natural Tea Is Healthy For You Too


This is for all those of you out there with a really sweet tooth. All things nice and lot’s of sugar but minus the spice, that sort of thing. If you haven’t heard by now or maybe you didn’t get the memo with the warnings in it, sugar is really bad for you these days.

White processed and refined sugar is an absolute no-no if you want to keep you and your young kids happy and healthy. Speaking of happiness, the consumption of all things naturally good for your body is good for your mind as well.

One of the best natural remedies to help highly stressed men and women calm down is that of natural, organic tea. Here we are not referring to your familiar favorite cup of tea that your grandma likes to brew but these. All across the world, you have your green teas. On each continent, there is a natural tealeaf that is indigenous to a specific region. Take Africa, for instance. On the southernmost tip, you have the red bush tea.

Moving right across to the other end, very close to the Mediterranean Sea, you have your hibiscus sweet tea. The nice thing about this latter tea is that it has a lovely fragrance that may appeal to most readers who have not quite been able to master the acquired taste needed for most natural and organic teas. Many of the teas produced have distinctive, bitter flavors. But not this one. And if you really want to sweeten things up further, you do not need white sugar.

Just take a teaspoon of honey, make it an organic one, and give yourself a really sweet taste that is really, really very good for heart, body and mind.